Volkhardt Müller  at 89 South Street, showing new video and print work in progress.

Artist and helpers carved a 240x120cm relief printing plate out of plywood. Visitors to the shop could commission any section and format for print. Starting from just £2.50, every commission pays for a series of four identical prints. One edition will be layered on  glass for exhibition, re-constituting the complete image, the first large print object in a series of three. The exhibit will be a record of  the commissioning process and individual choice. The public invest into the becoming of an idea as well as purchasing an original artwork. The image itself disseminates amongst the patrons.  Commissioning will continue until the the last patch has been “sponsored”. The current plate is the first in a series of Arts Council funded explorations of public live in and around the City of Exeter.

Possibilities for continuing this process in another public location in Exeter are being explored. The first prints will be taken then. Dates and locations will be posted on this website.